Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Vegan Butternut squash, quinoa and whatever else is in the fridge you need to use burritoes:)

Ingredients: (all organic)

- 1 or 2 butternut squash (roasted for about 45 minutes or so) chopped
- quinoa (a cup or whatever you have if you have some left over
- 4 ears of cooked corn
- a can or two of black beans, garbanzo beans or whatever beans on hand (rinsed)
- avocados (I had two)
- 4 small onions
- a few cloves of garlic
- wheat torillas
- 4 or 5 tomatoes chopped
- a package of daiya cheese

Chop the onion and saute until translucent, chop the garlic and add to the saute and saute a few minutes. Add your bean and squash and cook,  add the corn, quinoa, tomatoes and whatever other veggies you might have to the mix. Heat your tortillas and place some of the mix and daiya cheese, and avocado in the tortillas and wrap them however you feel (I just used paper towel so I could reheat them up easily in the microwave) and enjoy!

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